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Voodoo Queen Veve Mug (Marie Laveau)

Voodoo Queen Veve Mug (Marie Laveau)

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Drink your favourite potions, brews or coffee from one of our voodoo mugs in our new collection range.  

Marie Laveau Veve mug can be the perfect gift for anyone who loves a bit of witchiness, magic, love or voodoo.

Snippet of Marie Laveau (New Orleans Voodoo Queen)

Marie Laveau was responsible for doing three things that maintained the authenticity of Voodoo in New Orleans. First, she combined the worship of Voodoo gods with Catholic Saints.

Second, she standardized the rituals and paraphernalia of Voodoo. 

The third thing Marie Laveau did for Creole Voodoo was turn it into a legitimate business ~ Denise Alvarado 

White ceramic mug with gloss finish.

Vinyl, care instructions included.