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About Us

Brightest Blessings...Hello I'm Kez from Nana's Witch Craft.


A witchy lifestyle dedicated to unique and awesome Witchy Decor, Wares and Apparel handmade giving a different style to you and your home with a touch of Magic by me!  Who am I you may ask? Proud to say I'm a Nana, mother, wife and a Witch! Discovering a new chapter in my life, sending love and light to all who visit.


Crazy as it sounds, I found I felt lost during my life and needed a new journey in my life which I already knew was out there. After a connection with the Otherworld, upon meeting my Goddess I just knew this meeting had filled my life to the point I'm finally home.

This is how I came to the idea of creating my own magic and designing for others. I wanted to feel happy and content, but also wanted to craft for others who like a different style of homely environments. Not everyone is like me and wanting a unique and unusal sense of decor. I do know there are beautiful souls out there that do too.

So my mission was to create affordable wares & apparel for others to have and enjoy just like me. I love seeing smiles, hearing people's reactions when they receive a gift of mine.  This truly melts my heart, just knowing I may have just changed their day for the better. Isn't that what life's about? Do no harm! Well it is for me.

I was always different to some of my friends, I knew I did fit into another world, but...what world? It took me years however, to find that passion and my niche. Now I know, happily crafting new designs, challenging myself and bringing out the artistry from within myself. Discovering a new life, new beginnings, believing in myself with a change of mindset and focus on what I am passionate about within my life and family.


Just be YOU!

Sprinkling magic, love & light your way.

Kez x