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Witchy Dribble & Dabble

Brightest blessings to you all, welcome to 'Witchy Dribble & Dabble. This is my 1st blog and I'm excited to actually share with you how the name of my blog arose. I actually have been thinking about running my 1st blog for quite a while now and and I reached out to a friend and I asked 'What on earth do I write?' My friend came back with 'Just be you, just be you'.

The next step was to work out what do I call my blog? So that was another thing I ask my friend. He actually came up with a really good name. We had a good laugh he said what about 'Witchy Warbles'? It really did make me chuckle. I thought it was the perfect name, and then I thought... hang on a minute that mean I'm a singing, softly bird. Totally not me hahaha. I'm more of a bull in a China shop than a singing bird and I don't sound like one either. I actually scream like a banshee at times! Liked 'witchy', yes...then I realised... am I dribbling? Another comment was made, which I won't tell you but what I can tell you the word 'dabble' came into the conversation.

So, putting it all together that's how my blog name came about. I'm currently sat outside with a nice witches brew in my big big teacup and saucer.

Witches Brew Teacup & Saucer

Listening to the birds sing. Now that's warbling! So while outside thinking about what could I write I thought it's going take me forever to actually type out my blog and wondered if there was an easier way. After a little research on my phone, yep sure enough I discovered that I actually have voice to dictate to help me out. I am no good with technology I prefer walking in nature, grounding my toes in sand or dirt, listening to the birds and just being outside. It is one of my favourite past times plus also chatting. I do dribble a lot so much that sometimes I get told to 'Be quiet, your dribbling'.

As I write this I actually just really want to welcome you and thank you so much for being on a new journey and new adventure with me. I really appreciate, am very grateful for you dropping by. I have so much to say right now however, I'm going to stop otherwise you will definitely be thinking yep 'she's dribbling' so I hope you all have a absolutely magical day and send you all love and light.

Kezzie xx