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☆●♡Emotional Rollercoaster 2020/2021 Changes.

Do you ever wonder what will be?... This I have contemplated for the past few weeks and now it seems the emotional time in place feels like the right time. The question is…’What will be?’

I’m currently crying as I write this, it hurts and I’m trying to figure out why! As many small businesses slowly wind down or closed to prepare for the Christmas holidays and contemplate the same question like me…what will be in the future…! I myself have not closed, however, taking a break as of Winter Solstice 21st December until the 28th. Resuming customers orders placed from 29th. I will be still checking in with social media, messages and emails, so you don’t get rid of me that easy!

Yes I’m getting there!...Rambling witchy dribble and babble I know… I’ve seen so many small businesses and larger companies close their doors this year. It’s been heart-breaking to watch and devastating to see. I’m fortunate enough working from home, keeping to myself. My local post office knows me by name now which is lovely as we can strike up a little conversation which breaks up my day of loneliness sometimes.

However, now times of change have happened. As of today 22nd December Nana’s Witch Craft has made the decision with a heavy heart to temporarily suspend shipping outside of the UK.

As of 1st January 2021 the new rules and transition applies to the UK for shipping. Already seeing major delays and the uncertainty of the future for the UK. I have no working business understanding to be honest on how shipping systems work or what I really need to do. So with this all on my mind, the safety of my customers and Nana’s is what has made me to come to this devastating decision.

My plan is to eventually open up Nana’s Witch Craft to the world again with a view to resume in 2021. When? I have no idea yet as I’m unsure of how this will pan out. I will keep you all updated as time goes by, when I have a better understanding and there is more clarity from the government.

With all that said and done, there is only one more thing to say to you all.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support, love and custom from you all. I’ve made some amazing new friends since I started Nana’s since June and I am so grateful you all have help me achieve a special dream of mine. To all my International and EU customers and friends, Thank you all so much too. It means the world to me to have shared my witchy wares and décor with you all and hoping in the near future Nana’s will again!

Sending everyone much love and light. Wishing you all a very Merry Witchmas and a Safe New Year.

Brightest Blessings with Love

Kez x🖤